Friday, August 17, 2007

Grilling Tips

(Dad got in a Grilling Class at BYU-I July 2007)
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-Meat that has fat marbled in it will be more tender and tasty
-The more you turn the meat the tougher it will be
-great marinade…salad oil, Montreal seasoning.
-Red cooking wine has enzymes that will always enhance the flavor
-some like to bake meat 15-20 min at 300 degrees first, then grill

-always preheat to 325-350 degrees.
-pay lots of money for NY steak or buy a roast and have butcher cut it in strips
-Rib Eye Steak always tender. Lean meat will always be tougher.
-Good steak will cook 7-8 min at 350 degree
-always use pan spray on the grill rack when it’s heated

-Grill meat on diagonal for ½ time then shift diagonally the other way to mark the meat, but don’t turn it. Turn only once and mark diagonally like the first side. Use diagonal to know what has been turned
-never meat outside refrigerator longer than 4 hrs.

-Nice marinade is rice vinegar, salt, oil, liquid smoke
-Pork without bone is best for grill (2-3 hr marinade best)
-turn only once like in steak
-350 degrees preheat, open lid, then leave open while cook
-when cooking meat, look at side of meat and can see when ½ cooked, then know to turn it.

-Pkg marinade is best…Schilling, etc
-Soda pop in marinade is good
-buy metal tongs and thermometer to put in meat (like pencil size) to make sure temp is right
-Chicken at least 160 degrees by thermometer. Other meats 150 degrees.

-Hamburger that is pre-pattied and frozen is best.
-great fresh corn…put mayonnaise on it and Parm cheese and crushed pepper corn. Wrap in foil (always shiny side next to food). Grill 45 min-1 hr.
-Veg…make foil pouch (double foil if no skin on veggies, like pots), add onions, zucc, pot, mushrooms, etc, garlic, salt, olive oil. Close pouch up, seal, and grill 6-12 min
-Sm red potatoes will take 15-20 min in pouch.
-Fish cook 12-15 min…cook first on skin side. Fresh tuna is excellent…not fishy.

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Ben said...

Well... I must say that I am a little suprised that you are reccommending we use "pot" in our cooking ("add onions, zucc, pot, mushrooms") :) Love you guys!