Thursday, September 20, 2007

New and improved Easy meals

Appease em all!

add a few chicken breasts
a can of beans (black or pinto)
a can of salsa

Simmer and shred chicken...SERVE!

I like mine over brown rice (naked burrito style)
Heber likes his in a tortilla (burrito style)
Mckay likes his on a taco shell


We all love chicken fingers...super easy!
Slice chicken
dip in egg, then bread crumbs and fry in olive oil on stove top....

We serve with a green salad and steamed veggie...

Smother salmon with lemon, salt, brown sugar onion, garlic... and grill on foil on BBQ or bake in oven in a glass baking dish...super easy and super healthy....serve with rice and steamed veggie.

We've grown to love any steamed veggies....we discovered real green beans...not the canned...delicious! Steamed baby carrots, asparagus, zuccini etc....EASY side!

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David&Deena said...

We ate the chicken fingers when we were there and they were delicious. Chalonn tell about how Heber cooked the half bell peppers on the grill filled with cheese. Delicious.