Saturday, November 22, 2008

Teriyaki Chicken salad

Chicken breasts or tenders
Teriyaki Sauce
salad "fixins" (lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, avacado, carrots, walnuts/almonds, fetta cheese, WHATEVER floats your boat).
Your favorite dressing or vinaigrette

Directions: (Ok. Before you get worried that your husband is not going to fill up on a salad, don't. This is so yummy and you can give them a man portion of chicken. You can also add a side of sweet potatoes/pots or rolls or something. Also, last time we had this Jackson was totally into it. So maybe kids will eat it too since it's packed with choices.)
Cook chicken in a pan and pour Teriyaki Sauce over chicken so that it soaks flavor. Cut up whatever else you are going to add to your salad.(I like to make a plate for each person so that I can make them look pretty :) Put chicken over salad and enjoy. Seriously, it's so tasty.

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